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MELLO Modern Leisure Sofa for Small Space

Item No.: URL-011
1.Fabric Leisure Sofa
2.Imported fabric or high-quality domestic fabric
3.45 density high elastic sponge
4.2.0 wall thickness high quality steel pipe
5.black matte finish Matte treatment with adjustment feet.
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The sofa's innate design and comfort make it unique in the leisure areas such as the staff rest area, tea area, leisure negotiation area and discussion area, and become a shining point in the space.Inspired from jelly sweets, the shape of Mello is round, organic and elegant. Touched round and smooth, the shapes of back and armrests serve an excellent seating experience as well.

Mello has a candy-like sleek shape and a gas-filled sleek shape that makes this a very "delicious" sofa. In terms of color, a relatively light and bright fabric is used, which is more fashionable and thus illuminates the space. Its large piping trim details give it a more refined feel.

Mello series consists of 1-seaters and 3-seaters, which make it possible to fit any needs of lounge while lighting the spaces.

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Size and Material
Surface material: Imported fabric or high-quality domestic fabric, has been treated with anti-fouling and fireproof treatment, and has high wear resistance coefficient. It has passed SGS standard certification.

Internal material:
  1. Imported high-quality environmental protection 12mm curved wood board;
  2. Imported New Zealand pine wood, fumigation, insect control, no obvious knot;
  3. 45 density high elastic sponge, certified by SGS standard, environmental protection, sedentary and not easy to deform.
  4. Process treatment Use benzene-free adhesive bonding sponge, no waste liner inside; tripod: 2.0 wall thickness high quality steel pipe, black matte finish Matte treatment, with adjustment feet.
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