Should Office Furniture Develop E-commerce?

Nowadays, with the "Internet +" in all walks of life, the office furniture industry is also being infiltrated.Given the big impact of e-commerce on the traditional sales channels, the office furniture manufacturers start to accept a new sales channel by selling online. Gradually, office furniture has also increased on the Internet like home furniture. Some "Internet + office furniture industry forums" have appeared in various local trade fairs.


From the current situation, the attitude of the office furniture industry to e-commerce is skeptical.People may be aware of the impact of e-commerce on traditional sales channels, but for office furniture, because its end customers have certain characteristics, they are hesitating to take the risk of  making a new investment or a transformation.The biggest problem is that they do not know where to start, so they choose to be in a wait-and-see period.Indeed,office furniture belongs to the traditional manufacturing industry. Due to its production mode, its own characteristics and sales model, it is not so easy for office furniture companies to transform e-commerce.
However, e-commerce has completely changed the marketing concept of traditional business. With the 80s has gradually become the backbone of society and 90s have entered social work, the younger generation will soon become the main force of consumption. All walks of life are closely watching the pockets of consumers after the 80s and 90s, and they continue to try to study their consumption habits:
--Like to be personalized, not like the same products of friends;
--They share the shopping experience in the circle of friends.They also get shopping information on social media;
--Changeable, Individual, Full of vitality;


younger generation

It can be said that the retail market has to get customers in 80s and 90s.It is not an exaggeration. Their consumption habits will also affect the future sales positioning of the office furniture industry. From some data research, it is known that respondents aged 25-35 have a large proportion of online shopping furniture. This data will definitely continues to grow.
Therefore, the e-commerce channel is one of the important channels for office furniture in the future. Whoever gives up it is equivalent to losing a large number of potential customers in the future. For office furniture companies that want to transform e-commerce, there are some points they must pay attention to.Let me reveal it to you in the next article--How to Develop E-commerce for Office Furniture?