Office Chair Repair in Dubai

I believe that wherever you work, office chairs are the most common. Although it is not so much to smash the chair when sitting in my office chair, I can not avoid the failure of the office chair. You can't just directly thrown away a executive chair or staff chair because the wheel is broken, or the seat is taken off a little bit. And then the new chair is re-purchased. It would be very wasteful. So is there any way to repair it yourself or is there a company that can provide maintenance office chairs in Dubai?
Before sharing how to fix a chair by yourself.I would like to introduce some of the most important parts of a chair from top to bottom.First is a headrest, then chair’s back frame, seat, armrest, mechanism, gas lift, base and casters.You should figure out which part of your chair is out of order.Every part of the chair is hand-assembled by the staff. Make sure you have the right tools and replacement parts before you try to repair. For example, if the wheel is broken, you need to know how to remove the original wheel and replace it with a new one. The following are specific maintenance operation recommendations:
office chair repair in dubai
First,office chair repair steps
  1. Align the chair and remove the base
  The office swivel chair is on a flat surface and ensures that it is in a horizontal position. Remove the fastening clip on the bottom of the seat and then take off the foundation. If the foundation of the bolt or nut is fixed, it can be loosened and removed with a suitable spanner.
  2, check the indoor seat
  See if the chair has been damaged. If other damaged parts occur, refer to the instructions for replacement in the correct way.
  3. Delete the existing cylinder
  Clamp the cylinder tube, open it, and loosen the cylinder until it is easy to fall off. Be careful not to pull it forcibly, otherwise it may damage other parts of the chair.
  4. Install a new cylinder
  Purchase a new cylinder. Be sure to choose the right replacement.
  5. Reassemble the chair
Use a spanner to tighten all bolts and nuts and remove. After the entire chair has been reassembled, check that the cylinder is working properly by adjusting the height of the seat.
Second, office chair repair - lifting gaslift replacement method
In many cases, the package process is damaged because the lifting rod is broken, and the solution is to replace it.
1. Turn the computer chair upside down and use the hammer to remove the base of the chair. It is preferably a rubber hammer. The metal hammer can easily remove the paint and leave a small pit. Take the hammer directly along the bottom of the steel ring and knock it hard.
2, then the hydraulic ejector and the upper seat, also with a hammer.
3, use the screwdriver to remove the upper seat before knocking, to facilitate the work behind.
4, the same, holding a hammer to force the metal plate, holding the hydraulic ejector in one hand, you can remove it with your foot, and then change it.
Through the above introduction, everyone has some understanding of the office chair repair methods. If you encounter a similar situation, you can refer to the small series of methods for maintenance, generally can solve the problem, if you can not solve it, it is recommended that you find a professional master to repair.Here I would like to introduce urfurniture,which is an office furniture company that can support office chair repair service in Dubai,U.A.E.They have many years experience in office furniture and have over 5 workers who especially help you fix and repair your office chairs. Of course, there is no problem to replace a new chair if the chair is too old to be repaired.You can visit for some new styles of modern furniture.