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With the rapid development of the Internet, the traditional way of working is silent in people's memory. At the same time, many new work forms and service projects have emerged at the same time. SOHO is one of the potential ways of working, which has prompted the office to return to the family. . The change in office form has prompted the office space to constantly seek to complement and influence the design of office furniture.
SOHO is the abbreviation of English small office & home office, which means “small office and home office”, also known as “home office”. It also means that the office is placed at home and the work is completed at home.
With the emergence of the SOHO method, the working state of human beings has undergone tremendous changes. The office structure and the co-existence of colleagues and company members have also changed. Therefore, people have put forward new requirements for the office space pattern. To explore the means and methods of SOHO furniture design, we must start from the daily habits, lifestyle and psychological needs of the SOHO family, find the rules to analyze, summarize and summarize, and find out the corresponding furniture model.
SOHO is a new way of working, and new things are constantly developing and perfecting. Therefore, SOHO furniture will inevitably have many problems. Mainly manifested in:
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1. SOHO furniture originated from office furniture. There is not much innovation in styling. It can't be like a new thing. It gives people a refreshing feeling. The functional characteristics of SOHO furniture on the market can't meet the needs of consumers. Modern office equipment such as computers, printers, fax machines, scanners, etc. have quickly entered the family. Many consumers have begun to find matching home office furniture in the market, but the available home office furniture tends to be large. Luxury style, single variety and lack of design personality.
2, the existing SOHO furniture, did not consider the particularity of the SOHO office location, the furniture designed did not take into account the "home" factor, can not be integrated with the home environment, too commercial, and some furniture The design of ergonomic applications is not enough.
At the same time, because SOHO people work at home, work and life are basically irregular. Therefore, in the design, the characteristics of SOHO people's living behavior should be fully considered, and the "people-oriented" design idea should be implemented to design furniture that is beneficial to the physical and mental health of SOHO people.
In general, SOHO people are in great need of furniture that can increase their productivity and save space. Because it is a home office, office furniture is also branded with a family imprint.
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