Leather sofa or fabric sofa ?

Some know that according to the material, the sofa is mainly divided into leather sofas, fabric sofas, wooden sofas and so on. Among them, most of us see leather sofas and fabric sofas. The leather sofas are wide and elegant, and the fabric sofas are various in style, light and soft. Then the question is coming, what kind of choice do the friends face in the leather sofa fabric sofa? What is the choice? Today we will help you from five aspects, and see what is different between cloth sofa and leather sofa.

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1, Price
This is easier to understand. Leather sofas are more expensive than fabric sofas. Due to the scarce materials and complicated craftsmanship of leather sofas, the price is naturally high. The fabric materials of fabric sofas are simpler and the price is relatively higher. .
2, Maintenance
The maintenance of the leather sofa is more troublesome. It is necessary to pay attention to the moisture, otherwise it will leave stains. In addition, you must pay attention to the oil to maintain the gloss of the leather. Also be careful not to be scratched by the sharps. The fabric sofa does not need such trouble. Generally, as long as you pay attention not to get damp, prevent a lot of water from entering the sofa. Cleaning is also very convenient. Under normal circumstances, it is ok to remove the sofa cover directly, and the maintenance and cleaning is much simpler and more convenient than the leather sofa.
3, Style
In the style of the sofa, the leather sofa is elegant and generous, and it will generally be placed in a relatively spacious living room. It looks luxurious and solemn, and has a very high grade. However, the fabrics and styles of the sofa are relatively simple, and there is no diversity of fabric sofas. Fabric sofas are generally suitable for young people's tastes, light and soft, versatile and novel, sofa fabrics are also more styles, very individual, if the fabric sofa of silk, silk and other fabrics will appear more luxurious and elegant. The fabric sofa can not only be suitable for high-end luxury decoration, but also suitable for small and fresh sweet home decoration, which is more flexible. As the founder of the Chinese living room sofa, the left and right sofas took the lead in bringing the traditional family life of Chinese families into the international quality home life mode, allowing countless Chinese families to bid farewell to the monotonous and blunt living room home, and to enter the modern home era of fashion and richer art.

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4, Process
From the production process, fabric sofas are generally mechanized production, the process is relatively simple, and the leather sofa has to go through many process procedures, which is more complicated and complicated, and is often hand-made. Each product of the left and right sofas is a collection of more than 300 craftsmen's exquisite craftsmanship. After more than 150 processes, the products are produced in such a way.
5, Life
Leather sofas are expensive and troublesome to maintain, but everyone knows that their service life is very long. The quality leather sofas can be used after decades, and the fabric sofas have a relatively short service life. Perhaps the filler has collapsed, or the style is not popular, the replacement cycle is relatively short, and the long life of the leather sofa is undoubted in the service life.
I feel that when purchasing leather sofas and fabric sofas, in addition to personal preferences and the above five points need to be considered, but also consider the decoration style of the house. In general, the leather sofa is elegant and elegant, suitable for European classical style and neo-classical style decoration. The sleek, colorful fabric sofa is suitable for modern minimalist decoration.