How to Develop E-commerce for Office Furniture?

The last article Should Office Furniture Develop E-commerce? tells us about the importance of e-commerce in the office furniture industry. This article guides you how to progress to the office furniture manufacturers, traders, wholesalers,distributors to develop e-commerce channels.

1.Establish your own position and find an e-commerce path that matches your actual situation.
If office furniture enterprises want to transform their e-commerce, they must first define their own positioning according to the company's production, sales scale, product characteristics, comprehensive strength to determine their e-commerce ideas.
Are you only expand a new sales channel on some platforms, such as Souq, Amazon or office furniture integration platforms?Or e-commerce will become the strategic direction of the enterprise and you will have an independent B2C or O2O system. Or you have decided to abandon the traditional sales channels and specialize in network channels to set up a new business model.
All kinds of office furniture companies need to think deeply about it according to your own situation. It is not the success of other companies which you can copy to your own company.
2.Talent is important.

Office furniture companies want to transform e-commerce.The first problem is talent.How to find a suitable e-commerce person in charge is a major premise for office furniture companies to develop e-commerce. What kind of talent is the right e-commerce person in charge?
1.The person should had an experience in marketing or purchasing in the office furniture industry, with strong learning ability and Internet thinking.He must win the trust of the person in charge of the enterprise.
2.It is a professional talent from the e-commerce industry.He has rich experience in e-commerce development and know how to combine these experiences with the actual situation of office furniture companies.
The official website B2C platform has its own strength and brand influence for large-scale furniture factories. It can be built into the platform of e-commerce, and it is no problem in the long run. But for small and medium-sized office furniture companies, there are some obstacles:
--Brand influence is difficult to build in the public. Most purchases only satisfy with the function. Office furniture is originally a kind of product with low attention. It is difficult for office furniture enterprises, especially small and medium-sized brands to increase their influence on consumers.
--The cost is too high. What is the cost involved in building a B2C platform? What is the cost of e-commerce platforms such as In other words, the e-commerce platform is equivalent to a residential building. It only needs to bring its own supplies to live in. There is a special property to manage the entire residential area while the self-built can not achieve the lowest cost.
--Clicks and volume affect the subsequent development. In the current e-commerce field, traffic and praise are king. Only when more consumers enter your e-commerce channel, see and set up confidence about your products and brands,can they conduct more deals with you.
Therefore, for small and medium-sized office furniture enterprises, they should be good at using the advantages of the current e-commerce platforms to serve themselves and build their own e-commerce initial construction at the optimal cost.
The follow-up development of "Internet + office furniture" still requires the enterprises in the industry to fully plan and prepare. In the low tide period of the traditional sales model, we should make overall arrangements and pave the way for the development of e-commerce:
--The company needs to pay attention to e-commerce and regard it as a new development trend of the company.
--The person in charge of the e-commerce needs to have the power to mobilize the resources of the whole company.
--It is necessary to establish a decision-making, financial and management system that quickly responds to the e-commerce model.
--The conflict of interests between online and offline agents and online and offline followers needs to be solved in advance, and the online should be assisted by offline agents.
Office furniture products are large-scale slow-moving consumer goods.Product service, brand, performance and environmental protection need to be experienced so as to better understand.Office furniture products need to be installed by after-sales employee. Therefore, these factors determine the current mode of e-commerce a way of combining online and offline experience stores. The e-commerce solution requires a lot of manpower and material resources for post-installation and after-sales service.
But overall, with the development of Internet + (Internet of Things, mobile payment and cloud computing), the future use of resources by consumers will be more concise and convenient. In the future, the office furniture industry will usher in a larger reliance on e-commerce development.