5 Tips for Choosing Customized Office Furniture

Customized Office Furniture Company,UR Furniture is one of the leading office company in Dubai.We have over five years,as an office furniture supplier in this market.We have dealt with many companies that are in need of modern office furniture.Today we will talk about what should we notice when we choose customized office furniture.
customized office furniture

Nowadays, custom furniture has gradually become a mass consumer product. More and more people will consider and purchase customized services when they decorate. Then, what are the characteristics of custom furniture compared with furniture made of woodworking and finished furniture? What is the price calculation for custom furniture? What kind of plates will be used for custom furniture?
1. What furniture is included in the custom furniture, what are the characteristics?
The whole house custom furniture, that is, all the furniture that can be used in the home decoration can be customized, including the entrance console/shoe cabinet, the living room sofa, the coffee table, the TV cabinet, the side, etc., the bedroom wardrobe, the bed and the bedside table, the kitchen Cabinets and so on.
Custom furniture features:
Personalized customization, more in line with the overall style of home decoration, high degree of design freedom, high space utilization, you can use the irregular small space at home. Relatively expensive for finished furniture.
2. What are the common plates in custom furniture? What are the characteristics?
The most common plates in custom furniture are solid wood particle boards (one of the particle board), followed by MDF (also called MDF), and relatively rare are multi-layer boards, finger-joint boards and large core boards (also known as woodworking). Board, blockboard). There are also a small number of materials made of solid wood panels.
3. Comparison of custom furniture, wood furniture and finished furniture
Custom furniture mainly uses solid wood particle board; woodworking furniture is most commonly used as blockboard (large core board), finger joint board (finger joint board is made up of multiple pieces of wood, no veneer is added up and down, because vertical wood parts are sawtoothed The interface is similar to the cross-docking of two fingers, so this name); there are many plates of finished cabinets, all kinds of solid wood and various kinds of wood-based panels.
4. Purchase custom furniture precautions
(1) Custom furniture signatures are not returned, so try to choose large-scale furniture enterprises with guarantees;
(2) The board of the store is good, but the board used in your home is not necessarily environmentally friendly. It is necessary to indicate the environmental protection grade of the board in the contract. If there is any problem, you can ask for the test (for example, measuring formaldehyde with a formaldehyde measuring instrument);
(3) The so-called "designer" may only apply fixed templates, do not have design skills, and should communicate with designers when selecting custom designers. If you feel unprofessional, it is best to think twice;
(4) Some brands specialize in a certain kind of custom furniture, but said that they can do the whole house customization. Custom cabinets and custom closets are different. If a brand is only in a certain type of customization, try to buy only that kind of customized service instead of “full house customization”.
(5) Customized furniture needs to be started after the decoration plan is determined. After selecting the manufacturer, it will first measure the size of the door and then start designing. When the home is installed, the height of the top floor will not change again. Then determine the design-production-transportation, and then install, rather than the renovation to start when the furniture enters, which will waste a long time.
5. Customized furniture to save money
(1) Just the right amount of drawers. The more drawers, the more expensive the price, and in general, a wardrobe with 2-3 drawers is enough.
(2) The cabinet door does not have to be chosen too well, and the ordinary cabinet door is also very good. The door is expensive, and the total price will be hundreds or even thousands.
(3) Although the buffer rail can avoid the sound of squeaking when the drawer is pushed and pulled, but the price is expensive, if you want to save money, you can use the ordinary rail directly, just push and pull when using.
(4) The number of laminates is sufficient. Under normal circumstances, the wardrobe needs 4 to 6 small plates, and the large plates can be 3 to 4 pieces.
(5) The price of the invisible mirror is high, saving money is to buy an independent fitting mirror, or, if the bedroom already has a dressing table and a mirror, it can be used without a contact lens.
(6) Custom furniture and finished furniture can be used together. For furniture with general size requirements, such as: shoe cabinet, bed, bedside table, etc., you can buy finished furniture, and custom products for wardrobes and cabinets can save some money.
In general, custom furniture can make good use of space, and environmental protection is relatively high, which is more expensive than finished furniture; furniture made of woodwork is bought out because of the plate, there is no custom furniture and manufacturers cooperate. The price of the plate is cheap, so the sum of the material cost and the labor cost of the woodworking furniture is not much different from the price of the general custom furniture. If the decoration team does, the after-sales service is basically not available, and the decoration company may have a period of warranty. Period; Generally, furniture with regular size requirements can be purchased directly for finished furniture. Most of the time, the price is still lower than the custom furniture of the same grade.