4 Must-go Office Furniture Exhibitions

On the occasion of the upcoming Cologne Office Furniture Exhibition in Germany, I would like to share with you 4 internationally influential office furniture exhibitions in the world and the reason why you should go.
1.IMM Cologne, Germany 
IMM Exhibition
The first,of course, is the Cologne exhibition,which holds once a year,mainly in January.It has attracted more than 1200 manufacturers from more than 40 countries around the world to showcase their latest products. The exhibitors are from more than 120 countries and the number reaches over 60000. Germany is a veteran industrial powerhouse, and it still maintains the leading level of industrialization in the world. When it comes to the design and manufacture of office furniture,Germany office furniture is absolutely the world leader. There are some well-known office furniture companies, like Vitra, RolfBenz, Hulsta and many more.
Thanks to Germany’s strong industrial manufacturing industry, ORGATEC can last for a long time and become the vane of the development of the world furniture industry. The Cologne exhibition is a new concept for exhibitors from all over the world to showcase the most cutting-edge product design and layout of office space. These new designs and new ideas will be spread to exhibitors from all over the world, especially Chinese furniture manufacturing Industry.
2.CIFF China International Furniture Fair 
The second must be the China International Furniture Exhibition,CIFF. Twice a year,once in March held in Guangzhou,once in September in Shanghai.Over 6000 quality exhibitors and 19,5000 commercial audience came to the show.
 As a new world factory, China's office furniture industry is also attracting attention from the world, but its products lack originality. Most of them rely on the excellent design of Europe and America, but their production capacity is very strong, and the product variety is also very complete which are the main reasons for the grand scale of CIFF. Every year, furniture dealers from all over the world are attracted to the exhibition hall to find suitable products and quality producers. Some office furniture traders in the Middle East, such as Dubai, will even choose only the huge office furniture exhibition in March, because they feel that the furniture design imitated by China is the most suitable for the current market.
3.MIFF Malaysia International Furniture Fair 
MIFF exhibition

MIFF welcomes over 6000 quality buyers from over 140 countries.It holds once a year in March.Though Malaysia is not a very strong industrial manufacturing country, it owns a good geographic advantage that it is the ASEAN industrial cluster center as well as the ocean transportation hub.It also has a huge advantage of raw material,such as wood.What’s more,the professional management system and marketing strategy of the host of MIFF, UBM has made it easy to attract quality buyers from Europe, Australia, North America and other countries. Chinese exhibitors are constantly pouring in such market.
4.Dubai Index Exhibition 
INDEX Exhibition Dubai
From 2006 to 2010,Dubai Index Exhibition was a bit of a stagnation, but it has been a bit lacking in strength in these years. The reason is that the office furniture market in the Middle East is weak.The demand is insufficient, and with the fast development of information transferring and convenient transportation in the world, more African office furniture buyers are directly importing products from industrial manufacturing countries.The chances of participating in the Dubai exhibition are naturally less. What's more important is that in 2013, the exhibition time was changed from September to May, which made many exhibitors and visitors who were accustomed to the previous arrangements unable to adapt to the new schedule.
Whether you are a furniture manufacturer, a trader, or a buyer in the decoration industry, these are 4 recommended furniture industry exhibitions you might have to go.For more details about modern office furniture market trend in Dubai,please go check,one of the leading office furniture manufacturer in Dubai.