Based in Sharjah U.A.E,UR Furniture is one of the leading medium to high-end office furniture supplier integrating design,manufacture,sales and service of a wide range of high quality office products,such as mesh chairs,ergonomic chairs,training chairs,coffee tables,office sofas and tables.We strive to provide our customers with a full range of services: get familiar with all products in the U.A.E market, carefully select the best-selling styles, give the most loyal and practical advice, provide warehouse storage and door-to-door service.It is guaranteed that all the products our customers purchase are well designed,popular and have the highest price performance. If you want to know and buy the newest office furniture in Dubai , please do not hesitate to come to us.
    1.High quality medium to high-end products with strict quality control system

    UR Furniture carefully selects office furniture for you. The products are mainly in the medium to high-end series, providing you with ergonomic chairs and cost-effective office furniture to ensure the product design is strong, unique, practical and good quality. In terms of quality assurance, the production plant has more than 10 years of experience, the plant area is over 220,000 square meters.You can inspect the factory in person. Each process has strict inspection personnel to largely guarantee the quality control. From the selection, procurement and processing of raw materials, it all has been tested by special personnel so as to process in the next step.

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Every chair provided by UR has the principle of exquisite appearance, convenient and practical. The products are all from the hands of outstanding designers in the global furniture industry. They are ergonomically designed and the materials used are carefully chosen to provide you with the best price/performance ratio. Each product has a certificate of conformity, quality inspection, appearance patent, and no need to worry about product quality.
    2.Sharjah warehouse and delivery servce

    The production period of the universal product takes 12-15 days, plus the transportation time, the delivery time of products is about 45 days, but UR has a warehouse in Sharjah. Most of the online display products are in stock, which allow you get the goods at the fastest or come to our warehouse to inspect products. We can also provide more services,such as product delivery, product installation, product maintenance.

    3. MOQ,multiple alternative,customized service

    Whether you choose a comfortable chair for your room, add office furniture to your new office, or choose a product for your project. UR offers a wide range of products, from office chairs, office desks, coffee tables, training chairs, sofas, etc. If we have not yet provided the products you need, we can tailor them to your requirements as we always adhere to the principles of a professional office furniture service company.
    4.Professional recommendation and complete after-sales service
    UR has more than 5 years of market experience in the UAE, is very familiar with the market.We are more willing to make friends with you and provide the best advice.You do not have to worry about product quality and after-sales service, we will solve all the questions for you at the first time.
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UR Furniture regards "innovation" as the inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development. Up to now, we have cultivated a young and strong R&D team. Every year, we independently develops a variety of products and has become a hot and highly respected product in the market. For innovation, we will always maintain a never-ending, bold and realistic spirit, to provide customers with refreshing quality products.